Dragon-Bot Script
This is the default script for Dragon-Bot. With this script you don’t have to reinvent the wheel on tradingview. This makes it possible to immediately start creating your own strategies. It is free to use.
Order execution check
Dragon-Bot always keeps checking all orders until they have been executed. It will cancel and reset orders to optimize the execution.
Margin Trading
Dragon-Bot can do long and short selling on all exchanges that support it.
Take profit
Dragon-Bot can calculate any number of take-profit orders, based on a percentage above the buy price.
Stop loss
Dragon-Bot can set manual stop-loss orders to overrule external alerts, in case things happen you didn't count on.
Smart order flow
Dragon-Bot always keeps a list of all active orders. If orders come in that can't be executed at the same time with orders that are still open, it will take the most logical action.
Split orders
Dragon-Bot can split the orders into smaller pieces. Smaller orders are easier to execute and they have less effect on the prices on the exchanges.
All exchanges in parallel
Dragon-Bot can create orders on all supported exchanges in parallel.
Dragon-Bot has many more options and is still being worked on, so there is a lot more to investigate.